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DIY Water Powered Calculator

Plain tap water powers this unique, H20 desk calculator! Add a few drops of water to the removable battery and insert it in the calculator for up to three months of use. When the display begins to fade, just refill the battery! Its more reliable than a solar-powered calculator and friendlier to the earth, too.

Here’s the specs.

  • Eco-friendly new battery can be re-energized by addition of water again and again
  • Battery can be stored in a dry state indefinitely, and activated when needed
  • Ergonomic design
  • Rectangle shape
  • Large LCD display
  • 12-digit display for home, school or professional use
  • Large easy to use buttons
  • Buttons measure approx 3/8-inch square
  • Includes standard adding machine functions such as memory + or -, last digit correction, rounding, automatic decimal, etc.
  • Two non-slip feet on bottom of calculator

The H20 Desk Calculator is available to buy online for $24.95 from


Instead of purchasing an eco-friendly water powered calculator and tossing out your old one, only for it to slowly rot in a landfill, you could make your own.  It seems to be a whole lot more eco-friendly to convert your current items into something eco-friendly rather than replacing the gadgets you already own.  Thanks to a tutorial, you could easily make your own earth friendly calculator.

The tools you’ll need include a calculator, carbon or copper rod, a 1 by 1 inch piece of aluminum foil, a small cylindrical container, two 3 inch wires, multipurpose pliers and a glue gun.  The materials are pretty basic, nothing you couldn’t get from your local hardware store.  I imagine this will work like any other calculator powered by water.  You just need to make sure to refill the battery with water when it’s needed.

For More Instructions Visit


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Wet Circuits water-resistant power strip

The power strip from Wet Circuits features a water resistant design and special material protecting the circuitry within, ensuring that contact with a soaking outlet needn’t end up in a trip to the emergency room.

Accidental physical contact with the parallel blades of a partly connected plug or experimental metallic insertion by investigative young hands needn't be the life-threatening worry it can be with standard power outlets

Accidentally spilling a cup of coffee over a power strip will, at best, probably cause the connected equipment to stop working. On the other hand, such water-related electrical mishaps could lead to serious injury or even be fatal for the user. Wet Circuits has introduced a water resistant power strip that looks to avoid such situations by protecting internal wiring and minimizing the flow of electricity upon contact with water.

The design also negates fire hazards and overheating from internal circuitry, caused by the build up of carbon when tiny blue sparks are generated as a plug is inserted into a standard outlet

The water resistant design of the wet circuits power strip, along with the special material protecting the circuitry within, means that users need no longer risk injury (or worse) from physical contact with a damp strip. It can be safely handled with moist hands, and will continue to function even after accidental water spillage. Although not advised, it can even withstand submersion in water for around two hours before the special protective material wears off.

Wet Circuits water resistant power strip with overheat prevention and protection from fire hazards

Each outlet on the power strip is independently wired and electricity will not flow through to any device unless a plug is fully inserted into the outlet. The upshot of this is that, should one outlet fail, the others will continue to work. Also, accidental physical contact with the parallel blades of a partly connected plug or experimental metallic insertion by investigative young hands needn’t be the life-threatening worry it can be with standard power outlets.

The Wet Circuits water resistant power strip

Needless to say, such exploratory activity should still be actively discouraged, but it’s good to know that if such sage counsel is ignored, the emergency room of the local hospital won’t necessarily be getting a visit.

The design also negates fire hazards and overheating from internal circuitry – this can be caused by the build up of carbon, when tiny blue sparks are generated as a plug is inserted into a standard outlet. As well as fuse protection, the Wet Circuits strip also includes a circuit breaker to automatically cut the flow when possible overheating is detected.

The Wet Circuits water-resistant power strip is available now for a special introductory price of US$35 (until the end of July), not inclusive of shipping charges from Taiwan. The investment is claimed to last up to four times longer than other available products, the company stating “if you unplug three times a day, the outlet can last for 18 years!”

Explaining how Wet Circuits works

Wet Circuits’ Water Experiment One

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Solar Powered plane stays airborne for 26 hours

Some of you might remember when we first solar impulse and how it succeeded in making an 87-minute long flight at 5,000 feet. I’ve just learned that the Solar Impulse has completed a 26-hour flight, and it reached an altitude of 28,543 feet.

I believe that I reported a few months ago that they were hoping for a 36 hour flight as part of their next stop, and I am not certain if this last flight exceeds or lowers expectations.

Some of you are probably wondering how the Solar Impulse could achieve its historic flight of 26 hours when there isn’t 26 hours of sun on any given day. The answer is simple: batteries. I’m not certain if these batteries were charged before or during the flight, though.

Either way, it proves that solar power is a definite power source for the airways, which could change just about everything! Assuming that the program is still on track, there is a plan to get the Solar Impulse around the world in 2012.

Of course, you realize that the Solar Impulse is a light plane with 12,000 solar cells, and a jumbo jet would be a whole lot heavier. In other words, there is a whole lot of bugs to be worked out before we flying a solar-powered friendly skies.

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The Wearable Telecommunicator is like having a little friend on your shoulder

Imagine if Jiminy cricket in Pinocchio was a robot, and he would be on his shoulder like you see in this picture. Granted, Steven Spielberg sort of did that in A.I., but the Wearable Telecommunicator is a reality.

The Wearable Telecommunicator has been developing experimental technology for a robot that is operated by a remote user so he or she can see, hear, and even gesture through the shoulder-mounted robot.

There is a video after the jump, and you can see the user of the Wearable Telecommunicator with virtual reality goggles. You know, the type that we all thought would be wearing by now back in the early nineties.

So I guess this is some way for a person to be in two places at the same time. In other words, the human can talk to someone new at a party, and the robot can chime in any time.

You know what it reminds me of? The scene in The Empire Strikes Back where Luke Skywalker has Yoda on his back during training. As I recall, R2D2 was in that scene, so I suppose what we are seeing with the Wearable Telecommunicator is a cross between the bossy micromanagement of Yoda and the helpful metal companion of Artoo.

Of course, this technology is still under development, hopefully we will never see an age where everyone has one of these robot parrots on their shoulder.

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Eraser USB Stick attempts to raise awareness

This Eraser USB Stick has a quirky design, but a serious message.  It was made to help people to remember how hard it is for those going through Alzheimer’s, while also reminding you of the importance of your own precious memories.  With such a serious message, it might be enough to remind you to back up those picture files you’ve been meaning to deal with.

This is a design that was created in New Zealand for those that live in New Zealand.  These were sent off to local politicians and organizations along with a letter to help raise awareness of their Alzheimer’s charity.   Thus far these seem to have worked pretty well and have gotten a positive response in that part of the world.  It’s a great creative idea and it’s even better that they’re doing it for a good cause.  There’s no word if there’s somewhere to purchase these online so far.

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A Short History Of The Smartphone

Modern technology moves fast and furious, Especially When It Comes to capabilities of the smartphone. Just what is a “smartphone”? Actually there are AGREED upon or in the exact definitions for the term. Most would agree However smartphones That’s more – much more – than what Alexander Graham Bell When he first envisioned the original telephone invented back in the 1870s.


The smartphone differs from ordinary mobile phones in That They Are capable of advanced functionality because They contain ‘software applications that me run directly from the phone itself. Typically this software is open-source, adding an advantage That makes applications easy to Them the loading onto the phone via wireless downloads. Today, Considered These devices are not very “smart” unless They Can accommodate the datebook / calendar, advanced Internet connectivity, photography, music and even video capability.

Origins IBM Was the first to venture into the business of offering Consumers to highly advanced mobile phone. In 1993, the company what Introduced Could Be Considered the world’s smartphone – Simply called Simon. Considered low-end by today’s standard, this first smartphone featured an amazing array of features – email, address book, clock, calendar, note pad, and even the Ability to send and receive faxes.

During the mid-1990′s, Nokia Began to heat things up by Introducing ITS first line of smartphone – the Nokia 9000 series. Was this phone not only the first in a series of popular smart phones manufactured by Nokia, They Were Also the most expensive, coming in at 20-40% more costly than rivals ITS. The Nokia 9210 Was Indeed the first real and true smartphone due to open ITS operating system.

Cutting Edge Smart Phones

The 21st Century Has That spawned smartphones are incredibly powerful and easy to use. Touch-screen functionality Has Become the Norm and manufacturers such as Apple, Nokia and Research In Motion are furiously vying for the consumer and business smartphone dollar.

Apple changed the smartphone industry With its introduction of the Apple iPhone in 2007. Nokia Has since countered with the unveiling of ITS Nokia XPress Music Phone in 2008. The Nokia 5800 is a touch-screen lovers dream That includes just about Every feature the user would want. The handset even comes with millions of downloadable music tracks at no cost. Google recently Joined the fray by it Introducing Android phone During the Same time period.

The Future

Could the smartphone get any smarter than it is Already? Sure can! In the not so distant future, Virtually everyone on earth Will Be carrying some type of smartphone – devices That Will make today’s handsets pale in comparison. Increased bandwidth and speed Will allow phones to Be Able to handle video in real-time with no problem. In the future, These mobile handsets Will Be indispensable to daily life, used for a wide array of functions, including consumer purchases, banking, real-time video connectivity, advanced GPS tracking, entertainment and much more.

A quick look at Nokia’s E71 QWERTY smartphone. Full review:

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If  you want to have the instant photos print out than now there is a permanent solution from dell.This will produce high quality print out of 2-inch -by 3- inch

Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile inkless printers

This one uses Zink(Zero ink) technology .Weight around only 225 gms with the  dimension of  4.8 inch x 2.8 inch x 0.9inch i

Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile inkless printers 2

This will hav capacity of 12 papers rite now.

Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile inkless printers 3

You can use any files from any phone,laptop,Digital camera.

Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile inkless printers 4

Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile inkless printers 5

Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile inkless printers 6

Dell Wasabi PZ310 ultra-mobile inkless printers 7

This one uses special kind of paper produced on the technology of zink.

In US price of this printer is around $100.

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