Hit’n’Mix music-editing software

Editing a song in Hit 'n' Mix

There are a number of audio programs available that allow users to import and edit MP3 music files on a computer.

These programs generally display a ‘waveform’ on the computer screen that represents the soundwaves of the music itself. Users can then modify the sound in various ways. However, such programs don’t allow users to isolate and edit individual notes.

Hit ‘n’ Mix is an innovative new application that attempts to go much further than previous products. The program can import existing MP3 or WAV audio files, or copy songs straight off a CD. It then analyses the recordings and attempts to isolate every single note within each song or track.

This conversion process took a while – about six minutes for Queen’s four-minute long Another One Bites The Dust on our reasonably powerful test PC – but once it’s done, Hit’n’Mix displays every single note. The screen display can be a bit confusing at first but the notes are colour-coded to help you out, with vocal lines coloured yellow, guitars in blue and other instruments in other colours.

You can select and play notes and phrases just by clicking on them with the mouse, then copy and move them around within the recording. Moving a note higher up the screen raises its pitch (making it sound higher) and there are a number of audio effects that can be applied such a touch of vibrato to a guitar solo, or using harmony to create a more layered vocal sound.

The Instruments panel in the lower-right corner of the screen provides extra help by listing the names of the various instruments within a recording and clicking an instrument’s name in the list will isolate it so only its notes are shown.

This aspect of the program isn’t perfect – it sometimes labelled Brian May’s guitar as a violin (which in fact may have been what the guitarist was aiming for) – but you can correct this in the Instruments panel if you need to. The audio quality suffered sometimes when we were picking out notes, although the developer has told us it is working on a free update that will significantly improve audio quality.

These rough edges mean that Hit’n’Mix isn’t precise enough to use as a professional editing tool.

However, it’s fascinating as a music fan to watch your favourite songs being deconstructed on-screen, and to experiment by picking out favourite parts.

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Myfax online fax service


Send and receive faxes from an email account

Despite being overtaken by faster, more efficient and more environmentally friendly methods, fax machines still exist in some homes and offices.

But people who need to send or receive faxes don’t have to buy a machine any more, with the advent of computer-based services such as


Registering for the service was fast and it’s fairly cheap at £5 per month for 100 sent and 200 received pages.

Once we’d registered we received an email confirming our new fax number and account setup details.

Setting it up involved following a simple step-by-step procedure to send a test fax, creating a password and viewing an optional demonstration video, making it extremely easy for even total beginners to get started.

The online account page shows current fax usage and allows users to send and receive faxes, but the service also integrates with email applications such as  Microsoft Outlook, if you have a compatible one installed.

To send a fax, the fax number and country code are entered into the To line of the email with ‘@myfax.com’ at the end.

For emailed faxes, the subject line carries the name of the recipient and any body text forms a cover sheet. Up to eight attached documents then form the fax message itself, so sending faxes through Myfax really was as simple as sending an email.

Received faxes, on the other hand, arrive in your email inbox as attached PDF documents, from where they can be saved, printed or sent on.

If you do have trouble during any stage of the process there is documentation available along with a quick-start guide and freephone support number.

We were impressed by the straightforward setup and operation of the service and, though it took a while for faxes to arrive (between 30 seconds and one minute per attached page), it is still going to be more convenient than dealing with reams of paper.

At £5 per month for the basic service, this is a cheap and convenient way for home users and small businesses to remain fax-capable without having to shell out for new machines and more paper.

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Viewsonic V350 phone can take two Sim cards

Split data and calls between two Sims with this Android smartphone
Viewsonic is at the Gadget Show Live 2011 with its V350 Android phone, which can run two Sim cards at the same time.

The company says that the V350 is the world's first dual-Sim 3G Android phone.
The phone can make calls from either Sim, connect to the internet using data from either Sim or split data and calls between the two. This lets users take advantage of cheap data-only plans on some networks or use a foreign Sim card when travelling abroad.
It lets the user select what Sim they want to make a call on and it can receive calls to either number.

The phone is fully Android-certified and can access apps in the Android Marketplace. It has a 3.5in screen and weighs 125g
The Viewsonic V350 Android smartphone will be available in May for around £250.

To find out more about the V350, check the following video

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Really Cool Portable GPS Tracker

This must be one of (if not the) coolest spy gadgets I’ve ever reported on. It’s sort of a cross between a USB memory stick and a GPS receiver and what it does is store where ever you take it on the flash memory.
The Portable GPS Tracker is pretty small so you could either always carry it on you or use it in 007 spy mode by planting it on a person or vehicle you want to monitor. You may be wondering how you retrieve the stored info and secret routes, well that’s where it gets really cool.

Once the tracker has done it’s travels and it’s back in your possession you simply connect it to you PC and download the data. This data can then be plotted on Google Earth, Mapquest, maps.google.com and Virtual Earth to show exactly where it’s been, how long it took and how it got there.
I just think this is so cool (may of said cool a record number of times in this post) it obviously has the spy functionality of tracking somebody else but to me it is even more useful for tracking your own holidays and backpacking adventures. So not only can you bore visitors with your holiday snaps you can also show them exactly where you went.

Full feature list:
Records time, date, location, speed, direction and altitude

Works with Google Earth, Mapquest, maps.google.com, Virtual Earth

Location points are downloaded into its software and then mapped

Battery duration is 5 to 7 days of typical operation with 4,000 records

Requires 2 AAA batteries (not included)

Dimensions: 4″ x 1 1/4″ x 3/4″

Comes with TrackStick, lanyard, software CD

You can used to be able to buy this nifty GPS tracker from Think Geek for $249.99, a good alternative now is Amazon.

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The Elektra One electric airplane

Considering the big move of getting all of our cars to be electric, I guess it was only a matter of time before our planes went electric too.
NASA has recently sponsored a CAFE Green Flight Challenge, and this Elektra One is the PC-Aero entry. The plane is a single-seater aircraft, and it completed its main flight of 500 meters high and then quickly landing, all on batteries. On its second flight, the Elektra One stayed in the air for about half and hour.
Yeah, that doesn’t seem long in today’s world of flying, and 3 hours of flight time for a speed of 160 kph doesn’t seem that long either. Aren’t we saying that about electric-powered vehicles a few years ago?
In other words, we probably have a long way to go before our jumbo-jets will be completely green-powered. I am seeing an image from the future of a plane that “plugs-in” while the passengers are unboarding and boarding.
The future also looks quieter for electric planes, which means that the days of hearing deafeningly loud planes pass over are going to be a thing of the past. Part of me wants to think that technology like this is decades ahead of us, but another part of me wants to believe that we aren’t too far away from it.

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Fresh Ideas For Internet Marketing Business

Among the great variety of opportunities people tend to choose internet marketing. It is a very specific and extremely unique business. There are many aspects of internet marketing. People create new niches and come up with great deal of fresh ideas. It is becoming more and more popular. People all over the world prefer internet to any other sources of information. It seems like there is no other such a convenient source of communication, study and entertainment as internet marketing. If you are interested in this business, get prepared to face the difficulties. Today it is a highly competitive and extremely challenging business. The standards have soared up to such extend that it is really a hard time to become successful internet marketing. If you are still interested and if you are ready to devote a great part of your life to it, you should get professionally prepared. There are many things you should take into consideration. Never let the other to be better than you. If it is difficult for you to come up with interesting ideas and to develop your professional skills, you should just pay attention to the key elements of internet marketing business and learn how to do your best when running internet marketing.

Idea 1

Open an online storeYou have probably seen a lot of online stores. People like buying online. It gives a lot of chances. People don’t like going to the other cities in order to buy anything. That is why, online stores are become extremely popular. All you have to do is just to browse internet, find an item you need an order it. The owner of the store will send it to you and make you extremely rich. It sounds really very great. It is very convenient. People like this ideas and you will benefit a lot for sure. That is why, if you have an opportunity to become an owner of your own online store, do it right now.

Idea 2

Produce a websiteThink carefully and figure out what you are good at. There are many field you can use your knowledge in. For example, if you are a good electrician, you can create a website where you would describe your job, your service, give valuable pieces of advice and promote your business. Website is a good platform for beginning of the business. This is probably the greatest chance to develop attract attention of clients, to make them trust you and work with you. Share with the others your knowledge. Give really working pieces of advice. This will make people come to you and work with you. And there is nothing better in business than trust of the clients.Any site deserves to receive free traffic. Learn how many site owners are receiving traffic from search engines today – this is part of IM strategy for successful Internet marketers shown on this

http://www.freetrafficsystem.com site.

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Robots capable of ‘deceiving humans’

Worrying news from Georgia, America, where boffins report that they have developed robots which are able to “deceive a human”.

“We have been concerned from the very beginning with the ethical implications related to the creation of robots capable of deception and we understand that there are beneficial and deleterious aspects,” says Ronald Arkin, interactive-computing prof at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

“Robots will probably rarely use deception, but it’s still an important tool in the robot’s interactive arsenal because robots that recognize the need for deception have advantages,” adds Arkin’s fellow liar-droid builder, GIT engineer Alan Wagner.

The method chosen by the two men to test their new and mendacious robot algorithms was that of setting one robot to try and hide from another. The fleeing droid would move through a region of prepositioned markers, knocking some of them down and so leaving a trail indicating where it was going.

But the cunning decepto-bots naturally laid false trails, swerving off towards alternative hides once clear of the markers.

“The hider’s set of false communications was defined by selecting a pattern of knocked over markers that indicated a false hiding position,” explains Wagner.

This fiendish plan apparently fooled the hunter droids 75 per cent of the time.

“We have developed algorithms that allow a robot to determine whether it should deceive a human or other intelligent machine and we have designed techniques that help the robot select the best deceptive strategy to reduce its chance of being discovered,” says Arkin, proudly.

“We strongly encourage discussion about the appropriateness of deceptive robots to determine what, if any, regulations or guidelines should constrain the development of these systems,” adds the prof.

So there you have it – conclusive proof that robots are quite capable of lying to or otherwise deceiving their fleshy masters. Don’t trust the machines.

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